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Job Clocking

    Table of contents
    1. 1. The Scripts
      1. 1.1. 100 - Default Script
      2. 1.2. Changing jobs

    This script enables an employee to quickly clock onto a job using the keypad.  This script only changes jobs, not classifications.



    The Scripts

    100 - Default Script

    This script allows normal TNA clockings i.e. an employee can clock as he/she would on the default -100 script.  However, pressing the # on the keypad will trigger the job clocking sequence (script 1010). To open the keypad menu, press # twice when the date & time is on the display.

    Changing jobs

    The job clocking script will ask the employee to "Swipe your tag" to identify the employee.  Then the employee must enter the job code and press #.  The script will check if the job code exists in the clock database.  If the job code does not exist, the employee will once again be asked to enter a job code.  If the code exists, the employee will be asked to confirm that he/she is clocking onto that specific job (the job description will be displayed). Once confirmed the script will update the employee's job code in the clock database and will create a job clocking with the job code in the dt field.

    This script must be added with the seqid of 1010 for the default script to call it.  Please see the instructions on how to add a bundy script in the How To: Upload a Bundy Script document.




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