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    This document contains information on creating job clockings for the TNA software.

    By default job clockings are identified as such by TNA if the clocking type of the clocking on the CS TimeClock is set to 41 (present) or 42 (past), and if Job is enabled as a costing classification in TNA.  The job code must be in the dt field of the clockings record.

    Classification clockings are identified by setting the clocking type to 23 (present) or 24 (past).  The value in the dt field is used to select the classification and the classification code must be in the dts field.  The classification must be a costing classification for TNA to view the clocking as a costing clocking.

    TNA Classification Identity Codes for the dt field:

    1 - Company
    2 - Branch
    3 - Department
    4 - CostCenter
    5 - Category
    6 - Scale
    7 - Type
    8 - WorkGroup
    9 - Job


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