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CSTC - MK2 vs MK3


    The MK2 & MK3 has no external costmetic differences but rather all the work has been done under the hood. It boasts a complete new motherboard with imrpoved provessor. As a result it has more features such as Digital IO inputs. The MK3 also allows for better support when introducing new features & possibilities for expansion. 



    Feature Comparison


    Capesoft.png MK2 MK3
    Clock.png 3370L copy3.jpg
    Duplicate finger identification No.jpg Yes.jpg
    Access control (Anti-Passback, Timezones, Access areas, Pathing) Yes.jpg Yes.jpg
    Onboard digital inputs (Interlocking, open door sensing & Breathalyzer integration) No.jpg Yes.jpg
    New Ajax enabled web interface (Basic Time management) No.jpg Yes.jpg
    World renown Lumidigm technology Yes.jpg Yes.jpg
    Power over Ethernet (Optional) No.jpg Yes.jpg
    New robust surface mount ARIA processor  No.jpg Yes.jpg
    Replication (Update direction between clocks) Yes.jpg Yes.jpg
    Improved network security through rolling password No.jpg Yes.jpg
    Integrated GPRS module Yes.jpg Yes.jpg
    New multi host replication (MCR) No.jpg Yes.jpg
    TCP/IP & USB & RS485 communication Yes.jpg Yes.jpg
    Portable GPRS model No.jpg Yes.jpg
    Optional Holtek fingerprint sensor No.jpg Yes.jpg
    Limited SMS functionality on GPRS clocks No.jpg Yes.jpg
    Support for wider range of WIFI dongles No.jpg Yes.jpg
    Limited outdoor use - IP30 rated Yes.jpg Yes.jpg
    Alphanumeric key sequence No.jpg No.jpg


    Subtle MK3 Perks

    • Supports displaying a comment for who authorised a manual clocking on the clock.
    • Supports multiple FP reader models such as Futronic, Lumidigm & Holtek.
    • Supports comments for which supervisor enrolled a particular employee.
    • Supports comments for which supervisor deleted a particular employee.
    • Multiple retries for presenting fingerprint in verification mode.
    • Four options for adding manual clockings on the clock, Payroll, Access Pay/Acc & Job.
    • Option to force presenting fingeprint supervisor authorization.
    • Domain names for Multi Host Replication.
    • Optional build in battery (Holtek fingerprint option only).
    • Remote Lumidign external slave readers.
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