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Enable strict fingerprint enroll

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    By default you are able to add an employee during the fingerprint enroll sequence on a clock (#, 3, 3).  You are also able to add & assign cards respectively. From firmware version 2.03b (MK2) & firmware version 3.01 (MK3) you are able to restrict that sequence to only allow for the enrolling of a fingerprint for an existing employee, using an existing card.

    This process has been refined even further as of firmware version 2.07d (MK2) & firmware version 3.01e (MK3). Details on what is effectively restricted is depicted in the table below.


    Strict fingerprint enroll.png


    To enable this feature proceed as follows:

    1. Connect to the clock database using CMU (as an example).
    2. Select the Command Line tab.
    3. Enter the following:  update thisdev set strictfpenroll = 1;
    4. Click on the Send button.
    5. A message will be returned and if the command was completed succesfully you will see "result code = 0" in the message. (See the picture below).
    6. Reboot the clock once complete.




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