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Fingerprint Template Management

    Table of contents
    1. 1. Introduction
    2. 2. Notes



    The MK2 & MK3 clock currently have two destict fingerprint reader types, Futronic & Lumidigm. Each one has its unique set of features & specifications for template capturing. Below is a depiction of how templates are stored on the Futronic readers.




    Lumidigm readers have a simpler configuration in that IDENTIFY accomodates 1000 fingerprint templates & VERIFY accomodates 60000.  For sites with more than 1000 employees it is best to opt for VERIFICATION.

    For Futronic readers,  sites in excess of 800 templates should be advised to go for the Verification option as this not only speeds up the process of scanning but ensures you are not left with a scenario where employees are forced to clock Verify due to a limitation of the product. Rather to communicate this to the client upfront and agree on a form of fingerprint presentation from the get go.
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