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Lumidigm vs Holtek

    Table of contents
    1. 1. Introduction
    2. 2. Notes


    A new fingerprint reader has made its way into the CSTimeclock family. The latest namely Holtek is a reader, which is much more cost effective than the Lumidigm reader. Its boasts significant speed improvements as well as spesified differences detailed below.







      Lumidigm.gif download.jpg
    Idetification & Verification symbol-check-icon.png symbol-check-icon.png
    IP Rating 20 20
    Fake Finger Detection (FFD) symbol-check-icon.png symbol-delete-icon.png
    360 - Degrees Finger Presentation symbol-delete-icon.png symbol-check-icon.png
    Limit on Templates (Identification) 1000 2000
    Limit on Templates (Verification) 60000 2000
    Card Number Restriction None 0 - 1999
    Ideal for Industrial use symbol-check-icon.png symbol-delete-icon.png
    Matching Speed < 2 sec < 1 sec
    Presence Detection symbol-check-icon.png symbol-delete-icon.png
    Image Resolution 500 dpi 450 dpi
    Ultra Thin Design symbol-delete-icon.png symbol-check-icon.png
    Clock Model Supported MK2 & MK3 MK3 only (3.01h & later)
    CSTime support & later & later
    High Accuracy Recognition symbol-check-icon.png symbol-check-icon.png
    Reduced Repair Costs symbol-delete-icon.png symbol-check-icon.png
    Operating Temperature -10 to +60 C -20 to +60 C
    Enrollment & clocking quality (%) symbol-check-icon.png symbol-delete-icon.png




    Consider the enviroment carefully when choosing a reader option. The above specifications should be a guide when wanting to implement the solution in various industries with particular exposure to the elements.

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