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Remote Lumidigm Reader


    We have lauched our MK1 version of our remote fingerprint reader. It is based on renowned Lumidigm technology with features like Multispectral Imaging & presece detect. 

    Lumidigm is able to collect and process biometric images in a manner that makes fingerprint authentication and identification more robust, more inclusive and more reliable than other fingerprint sensors currently on the market today. 

    These units are configured as "slave units" in that it does not process transactions onboard but passes the data onto one of our Parent devices, namely the CS Timeclock.




    Front copy.png      FFD - Fake Finger Detection Side copy.png



    • For use where a slave reader is required on doors or Turnstiles.
    • Can be used in dual remote reader requirement with 3350 clock.   



    • Onboard LED indicating a valid or failed transaction.
    • Onboard buzzer indicating valid acceptance of fingerprint.


    • Input power voltage of 5VDC obtained directly from the clock (Reader port).
    • Rugged steel design, which can withstand limited environment harshness.
    • RS232 communication between clock & reader.
    • Stores 1000 fingerprint templates (ID mode only)
    • Has IP rating of 30 whilst inside the metal enclosure. Click here for detailed explanation. 


    • To enable the onboard LED, one needs to set the following fields on the clock through CMU.
      • Table = daughter
      • Field = optionsf1/2 (Depending on which reader port is used)
      • Value = 1
    • Buzzer on by default.
    • Connect remote reader to FPR2 (FPR1 & FPR2 for dual remote readers) 


    • Cannot be used in “Verification mode” as there is not onboard RFID or keypad.
    • Maximum distance of 5m between clock & reader.
    • Cannot be directly connected to 3rd party magno lock, turnstile or doorstrike. 

    Installation TIPS

    • Do not expose to high humid, wet or very dusty environments.
    • Be sure not to place the reader where it will be exposed to direct sunlight.
    • Remove back plate from reader, mount & clip in the front cover whilst fastening the screws.
    • Mount on a flat surface & ensure back plate is sturdy.
    • Hide communication wire as best possible using cable trunking. 


    • Reader remains off when the onboard database is empty & has not fingerprint templates on.
    • Disable onboard RFID reader on clock when using 2x remote Lumidigm readers.
    • Cannot be used as a stand-alone enrollment reader. 
    • The enrollment process can be quite tricky when using dual remote readers as one needs to punch in the employee or card number in on the clock & then present the finger on the remote reader. 
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