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Replacing the SD card

    This document assumes you have a replacement SD card supplied by your clock dealer.



    Changing the SD card

    1. First you need to power down the clock.  If possible, do a shutdown from the keypad menu:  #, 9, 1, enter the administrator code and select 2.  Switch off power to the clock once it displays "Clock Stopped. It is now safe to power off the clock."
    2. Remove the clock from the wall and then remove the backplate.
    3. The SD card is located between the Relay 1 and 2 connectors.

    4. To remove the SD card, press it in until your a click and then release it.  DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PULL THE CARD OUT!

    5. Pull the SD card out and put in the new card.


      As shown in the above pictures, the text on the card must be facing you when you put the card in.  Press the card into the slot until you hear a click and release it.
    6. Fasten the backplate and moun the clock on the wall again.  Switch on power to the clock and wait for it to boot up.

    Updating Firmware

    It is recommended to update the clock firmware when a new SD card has been installed.  If your clock does not have access to the internet please visit http://www.cstimeclocks.com/mk2firmware.htm for update instructions and to download the latest firmware release.

    To update the clock via the web proceed as follows:

    1. Once the date and time is displayed on the clock, press #, 7 (Device) , 3 (Update Firmware) and enter the administrator code.
    2. Press # (Web) and then # (Force) again.  The clock will now attempt to download and update to the latest firmware release.
    3. If the process is unsuccessful it is possible that the clock does not have access to the internet.  In this case, please check your network settings or do the update using a USB stick.



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