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Using WinSCP

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    Upgrading files on the CSTimeClock using WinSCP


    1.     Download WinSCP from http://winscp.net/eng/download.php#download2

    2.     Select the latest version of the installation package.

    3.     Save it on your PC or network in an accessible folder

    4.     When the download is completed run the installer file.

    5.     Select a typical install and Norton Interface Style

    6.     Once the install is finished, you will see a WinSCP Login Window

    7.     At this point it is important to know here you have saved the security key file. (*.pkk) Make a note of its location and the password phrase supplied to you by CapeSoft.

    8.     Make a note of where the files you want to update to the clock are as well.

    9.     We will now continue to setup WinSCP - WinSCP is a secure tool to talk to a Linux PC or to the CSTimeClocks

    10.  On The WinSCP login screen

    11.  Type in the host name as the CSTimeClock’s IP address i.e.

    12.  The port number: 22

    13.  User name: root

    14.  Password: leave this blank

    15.  Private key file: Do a lookup for the *.ppk file you made a note of in par. 7

    16.  File protocol must be SCP

    17.  Click on the save button

    18.  Use the default host name as session i.e. session saved as root@ select the OK Button

    19.  You can now select the stored Session Option on the left of the screen. This will list all the saved session you have created. You can edit, remove or add a new session now as well.

    20.  Select your session and press the login button

    21.  Sometimes a warning will appear: “the server's host key was not found in the cache. You have no guarantee that the server is the computer you think it is... continue connecting and add host key to the cache?”

    22.  Select the Yes Button to proceed if the above warning appeared. WinSCP will ask you for a pass phrase.

    23.  Enter the pass phrase described in par. 7

    24.  You might get a error “ .... error looking up user groups...” Click OK is you get this error

    25.  You should now have a window on your left - that is your pc directory and a window on your right - that is the clock’s directory

    26.  Navigate the window on your left to the directory where the saved files for the clock update noted in par 8 are.

    27.  You navigate by double clicking on the top folder on the directory list with an up arrow on it. This allows you to go up one level. Double clicking on a folder moves you into that folder.

    28.  Above the left or right directory list is a drop down list which resembles the PC structure i.e. drives and your documents folder etc.

    29.  The right window should be at /usr/local/bin by default.

    30.  The right window a drop down selection normall defaults to the BIN directory

    31.  Click on the drop down and select /<Root>

    32.  Then select var directory

    33.  Then select local directory

    34.  Then select www directory

    35.  If the above is completed, you should see a file called admin.html in the directory.

    36.  Now copy the files on the left (par 8) to the right (/var/local/www)

    37.  Select the left window where you update files should be listed

    38.  Press Ctrl A to select all the file in that directory

    39.  Now grab the blue selection with your mouse by clicking the left mouse button and holding it down and then drag all the files over to the right window

    40.  The mouse pointer now shows a “+” and then let go the left mouse button (simple drag and drop).

    41.  WinSCP should say, copy x amount of  files to remote directory and ask you if you would like to copy them. Select the copy button.

    42.  WinSCP will also warn you if the file already exists in the destination directory. Select confirm override as “Yes” or “Yes to all”

    43.  Once the copy process has completed, select the right window.

    44.  Now select the drop down menu on top of the WinSCP window called Commands

    45.  Select the option in this drop down menu called Open terminal.

    46.  Open terminal should give you a black screen called ConsoleT

    47.  The current directory on the window should be /var/local/www

    48.  Now enter the command chmod a+x *.*  and press execute button

    49.  You will see a white line appear on the black console.

    50.  Now press the close button.

    51.  We have now successfully upgraded the files to the clock

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