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Accessing the Web Interface

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    Once you have connected the CS TimeClock to your network, and given the clock an IP address, open a web browser and type in the IP address in the address bar as follows:




    In the above screenshot, replace “” with the IP address of your clock.


    If you are not sure what the IP address is of your clock, please walk up to the clock, and proceed as follows to find the IP address:

    On the keypad, press # to enter the keypad menu.  Press 2 (‘Enquiry’)  and 2 again (‘Clock Status’).  Press # twice to see the clock’s IP address.

    This will show you the IP address of the clock on the display.

    Tip: Save this address as a Favourite, so you do not have to remember the IP address.


    Once you have typed in the IP address of your clock in the address bar of a web browser, the following login screen will appear:


    CS2 login


    The default login is: 9970. The default password is: password


    CS3 login


    Type in the login and password, and click Login.

    The following window appears:


    The above window shows you a list of all employees.  If no users have been entered on the clock, only the information for the Demo User will appear.

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