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Access Time Zones

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    Access Time Zones allow you to limit the times when people can use the clock.  For example you may decide that a clock used to access the cafeteria can only be used between 10am and 4pm.



    To add a new Access Time Zone Set, click on “Insert”.



    Enter a description for your new Access Time Zone Set and click on “Save”.

    To configure the time restrictions, click on the clock icon next to the Time Zone Set.  Click on “Insert” to add a new time zone.



    Enter a description for the new time zone and the start and end times for each day of the week.  Employees will be allowed to clock between the start and end time.  The end time can be smaller than the start time where the time zone stretches across midnight.

    To change a time zone click on the blue triangle next to it.  To remove a time zone click on the inline red cross.

    Link a time zone set to the clock from the “Setup”, “Child Clocks” menu.


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