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Employee Access Rights

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    Access rights determine if an employee is able to make use of a specific clock.  If no specific setting is entered for a specific employee / clock combination then the default setting for the clock is used (can be found under the “Setup” menu, “Child Clocks”).




    To add a record, click on “Insert”.



    • Employee:  Select the employee from the drop down list to which these rights will apply.
    • Clock:  Select the clocks these rights will be applied on.
    • Allow Access:  Tick to allow access.  An unticked box will deny access to the selected employee.
    • Access Out Only:  The employee will only be able to clock Out on the device.
    • Payroll Clockings:
      • Default:  Use the clock setting to determine whether the clockings on that device is payroll or access clockings.
      • Yes:  Clockings on this device will be payroll clockings.
      • No: Clockings on this device will be access clockings.
    • Time Zone:  You can link a Time Zone override to the employee for the selected clocks.
    • Anti Passback / Pathing:
      • Use Clock Defaults:  Apply anti passback and pathing on this employee according to the clock setup.
      • Anti Passback Enabled:  Enable and apply anti passback on In and Out.
      • Anti Passback on Out Only:  Apply anti passback only when clocking Out.
      • Anti Passback on In Only:  Apply anti passback only when clocking In.
      • Pathing Enabled: Enable Pathing and apply on the In and Out clocking.
      • Pathing on Out Only:  Apply pathing only when clocking Out.
      • Pathing on In Only:  Apply pathing only when clocking In.
    • Lock Door:  Lock the door when this employee clocks Out.
    • Open Door:  Trigger the relays to open the door is the employee clocks on this device.

    Click on “Save” to apply the changes.

    To change a record, click on the blue triangle.  To remove a record, click on the red cross next to the record.


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