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Cards or Pins

    This option will list all card numbers and pin numbers that have been entered on the clock.



    The default user 9970 is preset in the clock.  In this case, the employee number and the card number is the same.

    Note that the CS TimeClock does not limit a user to one card /or pin number.  An employee can therefore clock using more than one number and the clockings will be recorded under the employee number linked to the card / pin number.

     Add a Card or PIN Number

    Click on “Insert”.  



    Enter the card number and if applicable, the employee number to assign it to.  For more information on the Biometric Information settings please see the next section: Changing a Card or PIN Number.

    Changing a Card or Pin Number

    Click on the blue triangle next to the card number you want to change.



    If the clock has a fingerprint reader, you can change the security and the verification settings of an employee’s biometric information enrolled to the specific card or PIN number.

    • Fingerprint Security Level:  Options are Low, Normal, High, Highest.
    • Reader Required:
      • Fingerprint Required
      • Fingerprint Preferred: fingerprint required, but accept clocking if finger fails.
      • Any Fingerprint Required, always accept clocking.
      • PIN, Prox. Or Finger acceptable.
      • PIN not acceptable, Prox. Or Finger acceptable.
    • Biometric Data:  an image of a fingerprint will be displayed if a finger has been enrolled to the card or PIN.  Please note:  This image is not an image of the actual enrolled fingerprint.

    After you have made the changes, click Save.

    Removing a Card or Pin Number

    Click on the red X next to the card number you want to remove.



    Click on “Delete” to remove the card from the clock.


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