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    Viewing clockings

    At the top of the screen, you can select a From Date and a To Date.




    There is a little calendar icon  next to the date fields: this will bring up a calendar, where you can select a date, by clicking on the correct date field:


    Alternatively you can type the date manually.

    After you have changed the dates, you will have to click “Apply” to search for the clockings within the date range you selected.

    The clockings are listed in date order, with the most current date at the top of the screen.  You can sort the clockings by any of the fields listed by clicking on the column header e.g. Surname.

    You may see the following icons to the left of some of your clockings:


    The hand icon indicates that the clocking was changed or is a manual added clocking


    The red cross indicates that the clocking was marked as deleted

    Adding a Clocking

    Click “Insert” to add a clocking for an employee.




    • Date:  Enter the clocking date manually or select it from the calendar.
    • Time:  Enter the time of the clocking.  It is not necessary to enter the colons (:), but one has to enter at least 4 digits e.g. entering 1500 will register as 15:00:00.
    • Employee:  Select the employee from the drop down list.
    • Type:  Any clocking added via the web interface will register as a manual clocking.
    • Clock:  Optional and for reference purposes only.
    • Reader No:  Optional and for reference purposes only.
    • Area:  The access area in which the clocking was made.
    • Status:  Select the direction of the clocking.

    Click on “Add” to save the clocking or “Cancel” to return to the “Browse Clockings” window without saving.

    Changing a Clocking

    If you want to change a clocking, click on the blue triangle at the end of the line the clocking is listed on.




    In this window, you can change the date, time, and status (direction).

    Do not worry about Clock or Reader No – these are the connections to the clock, and informs you where the clocking was initially done. Changing this will not affect the calculation of times.

    Removing a Clocking

    If you want to remove a clocking, click on the red cross at the end of the line the clocking is listed on.




    As you can see, the only option on this window is to press the delete button or to cancel the removal of the clocking you have selected.

    A deleted clocking is not completely removed, but rather marked as deleted.  Deleted clockings can be “undeleted” by changing the clocking and saving it.


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