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    Browse Employees is the first window to appear when you are logging in to the clock (see screenshot below).



    You can filter your view to only show non-terminated employees, all employees or show only terminated employees.  See page 16 for a definition of a terminated employee.  To do this, click on the drop down menu above the Browse Employees heading and select the desired option:

    If you only want to look at the details (eg. Clockings / Cards or Pins / Daily Hours / Leave or Employee Details) for a particular employee, you can select one of the little picture icons listed before the name of the employee you want to see the details for.

    The clock icon will list the clockings for that employee

    The calendar icon will list the daily hours for that employee


    The card icon will list the cards or pins for that employee


    The smiley face icon will list the leave records for that employee

    Further information available from this browse window includes the current status arrows:  indicates that the employee’s last clocking was In, and  indicates that that the employee’s last clocking was Out.

    If you hover your mouse pointer over the employee’s status arrow, a popup will appear with the last clocking time and date:

    Adding an Employee

    You can add an employee by clicking on “Insert” button at the bottom of the “Browse Employee” window. The following window will appear:




    • Employee Number:  This number must be unique for each employee.  The CS TimeClock allows an alphanumeric number to the maximum of 10 characters.
    • First Name and Last Name:  Enter the employee’s name in these fields.
    • Paynumber:  Enter the employee’s payroll number if it is different from the employee number.
    • Supervisor:  Give the employee supervisor status.
    • Administrator:  Give the employee administrator status.
    • View Only Access:  This employee, if a user or a supervisor, cannot change, add or delete information.
    • Password:  Set the web interface password for the employee if they must have access to the web interface or has supervisor and/or administrator rights on the clock.
    • Department:  Select the employee’s department from the list of departments defined under Clock Setup, Departments by an administrator.
    • Payroll Type:  Select the payroll export used for this employee.  If a payroll type is left on Unassigned, the employee's hours will not be exported to payroll and/or no payroll balancing will be done on the employee’s payroll hours.
    • Terminated On:  If applicable, enter the employee’s termination date.  After this date the employee will no longer be able to clock or access the web interface.  The employee’s clocking and hours history will be kept on the clock and the employee can be reinstated again by changing or removing the termination date.
    • Current Area:  This field is used in access control and one can set the initial area when adding an employee.
    • Current status:  This is one on one related to the clockings of the employee. If the employee is in the building, and clocked on the clock, the current status will be IN. If the employee has left for the day, or did not clock at all, the current status will show OUT.  We recommend not to touch the current status here, but rather add an IN or OUT clocking for this employee as the “current status” field does not reflect the actual situation.

    Click on “Save” to save the employee details or “Cancel” to return to the employee list.


    Changing an Employee Record

    You’ll see the following windows when changing an employee record:




    In this window you can change:

    • Employee number.
    • First name.
    • Last name.
    • Pay Number:  If the employee has a different number in your payroll and you are using the Payroll Extract Option, enter their payroll number here.
    • Nominate an employee as a supervisor.
    • Nominate an employee as an administrator.
    • Give the employee View Only rights.
    • Give the employee a password, so they can log on to the web interface.
    • Allocate a department to an employee.
    • Select a payroll export to be used for this employee.
    • Enter a termination date.  The day after the termination date the employee’s card / pin number will be deactivated and will be available to reassign to a different employee.  A terminated employee’s details and clocking history will remain on the clock’s database and the employee can be reinstated again by changing or removing the termination date.
    • Change the current area the employee is in.
    • Change the current status of the employee.  We recommend not to touch the current status here, but rather add an IN or OUT clocking for this employee as the “current status” field does not reflect the actual situation.

    Removing an Employee

    Clicking on the red cross next to the employee name will open the following window:


    Note that the only option on this window is to click delete or cancel.

    Please note:  When you select DELETE, ALL details for this employee will be removed from the clock.  Depending on the amount of data the clock has stored for the employee, the delete process may take a couple of seconds to complete.


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