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    The CS TimeClock allows you to capture leave data as this information is necessary to calculate daily hours correctly.

    Please note:  The calculation of daily hours will only take place if Advanced Processing is enabled.



    Click on “Insert” to add a leave record.



    • Re-process:  If ticked, the CS TimeClock will re-calculate the each day’s hours for the period that the employee was on leave.  This setting is only necessary if Advanced Processing is enabled.
    • Approved:  Tick this block to indicate that the leave applied for was approved.  Hours will not be calculated for the leave period if a record has not been approved.
    • Employee:  Select the employee from the drop down list.
    • From Date:  The start date of the leave period.
    • To Date:  The last day of the leave period.
    • Type:  The type of leave.  You can configure leave types under the Processing menu.
    • % of Day:  What percentage of the working day must be allocated to leave.  This setting only applies when Advanced Processing is enabled.
    • Reason:  Enter a reason for the leave if required.


    • Supervisor:  Will default to the employee number of the supervisor who is approving the leave.
    • Approved On:  Will default to the date the supervisor is approving the leave on.
    • Comment:  The supervisor can enter a comment if required.


    Please note:  Leave records may not overlap.


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