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Payroll Hours

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    When you select this option from the left hand side menu, the details for ALL employees are displayed on the screen.

    In this window, the date selection is important.

    Since the clock does not “know” what your pay period is it will add all the daily hours together within the selected period.

    Therefore, if you select a date from Monday to Sunday, the total hours will be generated up until the Sunday.  If you select dates from Monday to Friday, the total hours will be generated up until the Friday. That also means, that if people worked on the weekend, and these hours need to be included in your payroll hours, they will not be taken into account in a selection from Monday to Friday only.

    If you click on the icon, it will bring up the “Browse Daily Hours” window, to give you a breakdown of the daily hours that are taken into account calculating the total hours for the week. 


    Below is a picture of the payroll hours if advanced processing is disabled.



    To disable Advanced Processing, untick the "Enable Auto Process" box in the Global Settings Menu.


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