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Clock Submenu Options

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    You can change, add or remove the clock keypad submenu options from this menu item.

    To remove a submenu, click on the red cross next to it.



    To add a new submenu, click on “Insert”.



    • Main Menu Option:  Select the main menu option the submenu must be linked to.
    • Sub Menu Number: Give the menu item a number.
    • Description:  The menu item name.
    • Sequence:  Link the menu item to a bundy script.  Scripts can be added from the Hardware menu in the web interface.
    • Disabled:  Disable a submenu item.  Disabled menu items will not appear on the clock keypad menu.

    Click on “Save” to add the new menu.

    To change a submenu item, click on the blue triangle next to it and change any of the above listed items.  Click on “Save” to implement your changes.


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