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Peer Clocks

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    1. 1. Adding Peer Clocks

    If there are more than one CS TimeClock Parent on your network, you can set them up to replicate employee areas and directions (in other words an employee can clock in on one clock and out on another) and synchronize their time and date.



    Adding Peer Clocks

    To add another CS TimeClock Parent, click on “Insert”.  To change a peer’s details, click on the blue triangle.  To remove a peer, click on the red cross.



    Enter the Serial number, IP Address and Port number for the other clock and click on “Save”.

    The port number has to be the same as the Pc Server Port specified in the clock's setup menu. This be default is port 5123. Replication using this pc server port number and adds one, to use to replicate clocking directions from one clock to another. So in this example the port being used by the clock will be port 5124.

    If you have two clocks (clock A and clock B), add clock A as a peer into clock B and clock B as a peer into clock A.

    Reboot the clocks when the peer clock information have been updated.


    Please note:

    1. If a peer clock goes offline due to a network problem, replication cannot take place. The clock will use the last employee direction and area in its database as reference when the employee clocks.
    2. Replication cannot take place if the port specified in the above window is blocked by a firewall or router.  Please add exception and port forwarding rules to open the ports between the clocks.
    3. The IP address can also be a DNS name e.g. myclock.mycompany.com.
    4. The employee numbers must be identical on all the clocks for replication to work.
    5. A mayor clock firmware release for replication was made available in firmware 1.23a and upwards. Ensure that your CS TimeClock is on this firmware release or newer.


    Fault Finding:

    1. The default PC Server port for the clock is port 5123. Replicate will therefore use port 5124 to update clocking directions from one clock to another clock. Make sure that port 5124 is is open bi-directionally to all the clock listed as peer clocks.
    2. Ensure your clock serial numbers have been entered correctly. You can confirm this by quering the clock via the keypad. Press # for the menu, then option 2 and then option 2 again. On the first page displayed, under a section called Serial, the clock serial number will be displayd in the format XXXXX-YYYYY. The serial number used by replication is represented by the five x's (XXXXX) in the format XXXXX-YYYYY.
    3. If replication still fails to update the employee clocking directions, then using the employee status monitor will provide more information to the cause for the update failure. 



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