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The Mobile Device Pages

    The clock’s web interface include pages which has been optimized for use on mobile devices.  The “mobi” pages can be used to clock IN or OUT and view clockings for up to 7 days.

    Accessing and using the Mobi pages

    The mobile device must be capable of browsing the internet and the clock’s web interface must be accessible from the Internet.

    Open the mobile device’s internet browser and type in the clock address (get this from your IT department) e.g. http://clock.mycompanyname.com.  Add “/myday.php” to the end of this (as per our example the full address would be: http://clock.mycompanyname.com/myday.php) and select to go to that page.



    Enter your employee number and password and select Login.



    Any clockings for the current date will be displayed on screen.

    • Clock In & Clock Out buttons: clock IN or OUT by clicking on the relevant button.
    • Last 7 Days, Yesterday & Today:  View clockings for the last 7 days, yesterday or today.

    Close the browser window after use.


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