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Advanced Global Settings

    Time Category Mapping

    The Advanced Global Processor Settings allows you to map the default processor categories to others.



    The image above left shows the default time category mapping.  In the image above right, all time calculated before shift start will be added to the Overtime Category, and all Holiday hours will be added to the Sunday time category.

    Time Category Thresholds


    Time Category Thresholds allows you to set a minimum that must be worked before the employee will be allocated time for a time category.  For example:  if the Overtime threshold is set to 00:15 and an employee have worked 7 minutes later than their expected out time, the employee will not be allocated any overtime.  If however the employee worked 20 minutes later than their expected out time, they will receive 00:20 overtime.  (This example assumes that daily balancing and rounding does not apply.)

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