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Global Settings

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    In the Global Settings menu you can setup the global processing defaults.


    • Enable Auto Process:  If selected, the CS TimeClock will calculate employee hours according to the settings under the Processing Menu and all the time categories will be displayed.  If this option is not selected advanced hours processing will be disabled.
    • Enable Auto Reset Clocking Direction:  If an employee did not clock out by midnight, the clock will automatically adjust the employee’s clocking direction to Out.
    • Enable Auto End Day:  If an employee did not clock out for a shift by the day end, the processor will calculate hours up to the End Time of the schedule.  The day end is calculated to be at the opposite of the expected midpoint of the employee schedule. For example, if the expected In is 4 pm, and the expected out is 12 midnight, then the day runs from 8am to 8am.
    • Enable Balancing:  Daily overtime balancing will be enabled for all employees (with the exception if it is disabled in an employee’s schedule).
    • Leave Approved by Default:  If enabled, leave records captured are by default marked as approved and hours will automatically be calculated and allocated.  If disabled, a leave record must be approved first before hours will be calculated.
    • Rounding Unit (min):  All clockings will be rounded to this value.
    • Enable Running Totals:  This will enable running totals in  the Daily Hours window.
    • Last Process Date:  The last date on which the clock automatically reprocessed hours.  If you change this date to a date prior to today, the clock will reprocess all the hours records from that date.

    Click on “Save” for these settings to be applied.

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