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Clock Setup

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    • Enabled:   If this option is not selected, the clock will display: “Device Not Enabled” on the clock display and the red led will be on.  It will not accept any clockings or input from the keypad.  Changing this option will require the clock to be rebooted.
    • Hours Shown in Decimal:  Select this option if you wish to view daily or payroll hours in decimal format, i.e. 8.50 hours instead of 08:30.
    • Enable Advanced Hardware Options:  This will enable the Clock Menu Options, Clock Submenu Options, Child Clocks, Scripts and Peer Clocks menu options.
    • Enable Access Control Options:  Enable the Access Control Menu for configuration of Areas, Access Time Zones and Employee Access Rights.
    • Enable Job Control Options:  Enables the Job Costing menu where the user can add jobs.
    • History Days:  The number of the days the clock will store clockings in it’s database for e.g. if this value is set to 90, the clock will delete any clockings in it’s database older than 90 days.  The 0 means that clockings will be stored indefinitely - this is not recommended as the clock has a limited amount of storage space.
    • Date Format:  Select the date format to be used in the web interface. 
    • CSV Exports Hours in Decimal:  Hours exported using the Send To button will be in decimal.
    • Clock PC Server Port:  The PC Server Port is used to communicate with external software on your LAN / WAN. The default clock server port is 5123.
    • Clock Web Server Port:  The Web Server port is the default port used for the clock web interface.  Port 80 is the default port.  Please be careful when changing this port number as it may not be possible to access the web interface again if the port is blocked or if it conflicts with other software.
    • Time Server:  The web address from which your clock will update it’s date and time.
    • Default Sequence:  Assign which bundy script to run at bootup.  By default this may be Unassigned or -100 Default Script. New scripts can be loaded in the Hardware Menu.


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