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    Please speak with you IT department for the correct setup of these parameters.




    • DHCP:  If this option is ticked, the network will automatically assign an IP address to the clock.  You can determine the IP address assigned to the clock by physically going to the clock and typing 920# or #, 2, 2.
    • IP:  If not using DHCP set the IP address of the clock here.
    • Subnet mask: Also has to do with the settings of your local network, and determines the “handout” of an IP address.
    • Broadcast IP:  This is automatically filled and is used to synchronise employee directions between multiple clocks on the network.
    • Gateway:  Has to do with the connection to the “outside” world. This must be set to enable access to the internet.  This will allow a user to access the web interface remotely, enable the clock to update it’s time from an internet time server and allow an administrator to update the firmware from the internet.
    • Name Server 1 – 4:  Enter the IP addresses of your name servers (DNS) here.  Leaving these fields blank will default the clock to pre-defined DNS servers.


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