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Payroll Extracts

    Table of contents
    1. 1. General
    2. 2. Export Options
    3. 3. Balancing
      1. 3.1. Example: 

    A number of payroll extracts will be available on the CS TimeClock.  You are able to use more than one type of payroll extract.



    To add a new payroll setup, click on “Insert”.




    • Default export:  This layout will be used for all employees by default unless another extract has been assigned in the employee details.
    • Name:  The description of the export.
    • Payroll Export Type:   Select the payroll export type you wish to use from the drop down list.
    • Export File Name:  Enter the default filename you want to export to.
    • Site Code:  Enter the Payroll site code if required.


    Export Options

    • Export:  Select the time categories to be exported.
    • Payroll Code:  Enter the transaction or payroll code required by the payroll software to identify the time category.
    • Override Export Hours:  Always export a fixed number of hours for the selected category.



    • Balance Hours Total:  The total number of hours the employee are expected to work in the payroll period.
    • Include These Hours in Total:  The time categories that makes up the Hours Total e.g.  Payroll Hours Total = Normal + Holiday + Paid + Sick.
    • Get Hours in Order From:  Select the time categories hours must be taken from to fill Normal time with if the Payroll Hours Total is less than the Balance Hours Total. 
    • Send Hours in Excess of Total To:  If the Payroll Hours Total is more the value in Balance Hours Total any excess hours will be moved into the specified category.

    Payroll balancing will be applied on the employee payroll hours if the payroll extract has been assigned to that employee i.e. no payroll balancing will be applied if the employee payroll extract type is Unassigned.


    Say an employee has the following hours at the end of his 7-day payroll period:
       Normal: 08:00     Overtime: 02:00     Saturday: 06:30     Holiday: 08:00     Paid: 16:00


    According to the setup in the picture above:
    Payroll Hours Total = 08:00 (Normal) + 08:00 (Holiday) + 16:00 (Paid Leave) = 32:00

    The employee is short 8 hours.  During payroll balancing any hours found in Overtime is moved to Normal.  Since the Total is still less than 40:00 after doing so, it will move any hours found in Saturday to Normal.  Now you have:
    Payroll hours Total = 32:00 + 02:00 + 06:30 = 40:30

    This exceeds 40:00 so 00:30 will be moved into Overtime.  The end result after payroll balancing is:  
    Normal: 08:00     Overtime: 00:30     Saturday: 00:00     Holiday: 08:00     Paid: 16:00


    Click on “Save” to save the payroll extract.


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