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    Sirens can be connected to the clock.  For more information on how to physically connect a siren, please contact your supplier.

    Adding a Siren Time



    Click on “Insert” on the “Browse Sirens” window (see picture above).  The following options are shown:



    • Time:  enter the time in 24 hour format at which the siren must be triggered.
    • Select the days of the week on which the siren must go off on at the above time.
    • If the siren must not be triggered from all clocks, select the child clock which must trigger this specific siren from the dropdown list.
    • Select the Relay on the clock to which the siren is connected. Selecting “Buzzer” will trigger the clock’s built-in buzzer at that time.
    • Enter the duration of the siren in seconds.
    • Enter an optional description to identify the siren in the web interface.
    • Enter optional text to display on the LCD when the siren goes off.

    Once you have updated the details, click “Save” to keep the changes.

    Changing a Siren Time



    Click on the blue triangle next to the siren time to edit any of the siren parameters.


    Removing a siren

    Click on the red cross next to the siren time to open the “Delete Siren Time” window.  Clicking on the delete button will remove the siren time from the clock.


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